Brandy Southall W.E. Rock Unlimited

Submitted by on Dec 9, 2015

Banditos Racing FaceTeam Name: Banditos Rock Racing

Driver Name: Brandy Southall

Spotter Name: Randy Southall

Car Number: 488

City, State: Chico, California




Facebook Page:Banditos-Rock-Racing

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @:          Instagram #:Banditos Racing


Marketing Partners:

Maxxis Tires
Raceline Wheels
JM Rigging
Yukon Gear
Axel Offroad




Series  Event  Finish
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1, 2015- Congress, AZ 10th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 2, 2015- Rangely, CO  10th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 3, 2015- Goldendale, WA  7th
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2016- Congress, AZ  12th
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 2 2016- Cedar City, UT  10th
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 3 2016- Donner, CA  12th
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 4 2016- Goldendale, WA  3rd
 W.E. Rock 2016 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM  11th


Year Began Competing:

Highest Accomplishments:

2010 3rd Place Series finish in W.E.Rock Western Series Unlimited Class

3rd Place Series finish in Cal-Neva Extreme Series Unlimited Class

3rd Place Series finish in Cal-Neva Extreme Series Stock Mod Class

Multiple 1st Place Series finish in Idaho X-Rocks Series Unlimited Class

Accomplishments: Multiple podium finishes in W.E.Rock, CalROCS, Cal-Neva Extreme, and Idaho X-Rocks. 

Anticipated 2017 Schedule of Events: W.E.Rock Western Series

More Information About Team: Banditos Rock Racing is a family based race team that shares driving and spotting duties between Randy, Brandy, and Tyler Southall