Christian Chandler W.E. Rock Sportsman B

Submitted by on Jan 11, 2022

Team Name: Bad Omen

Driver Name: Christian Chandler

Spotter Name: Wyatt Brown

Car Number: 553

City, State: Mounds, Oklahoma




Facebook Page: bad omen 2.0

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @:          Instagram #:


Marketing Partners: Wb metal worx, Yukon, Warn, Dave’s Offroad Supply, JM Rigging, Lasernut






Series  Event  Finish  CLICK FOR
WE Rock 2020 Eastern Round 1 – Mason, TX 2nd  RECAP
WE Rock 2020 Eastern Round 3 – Dayton, TN 1st  RECAP
WE Rock 2020 Grand Nationals – Cedar City, UT 9th  RECAP
WE Rock 2021 Eastern Round 1 – Mason, TX 1st  RECAP
WE Rock 2021 Eastern Round 2 – Glencoe, OK 2nd  RECAP
WE Rock 2021 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM 10th  RECAP


Year Began Competing: 2020

Highest Accomplishments: Climbing viagra at Disney my very first attempt

Prior Accomplishments:

Anticipated 2022 Schedule of Races: I plan on running east series, and several benefits or local runs. Would like to take a look at different comps in the next few years


More Information About Team: We are just two guys that love what we do. From the nephew in the Sub Zero buggy to my brother in law spotting it’s just a family thing. Focusing on building and individualizing my team is the plan for this year. We appreciate our sponsors and family n friends. Look forward to seeing you on the rocks.