Clay Gilstrap Dirt Riot Pro 4400 Class

Submitted by on May 16, 2014

Clay GilstrapTeam Name: Gilstrap Motorsports

Driver Name: Clay Gilstrap

Co-Driver Name:  Lindsay Gilstrap

Car Number: 26

City, State: Lufkin, Texas




Facebook Page: Gilstrap Motorsports

YouTube Channel:

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Clay Gilstrap rigMarketing Partners:

 Total Equipment And Service
Raceline wheels
Lucas oil
Tribe 4×4
King shocks
Branik Motorsports
PAC Springs
PCI Race Radios
PSC Steering
Maxxis Tires
Rigid industries



Series  Event  Finish  CLICK FOR
Dirt Riot Central Series Rd 1 – Hidden Falls, TX  5th  RECAP
Dirt Riot Mountain Series Rd 1 –  Moab, UT  1st  RECAP
Dirt Riot Central Series Rd 2 – Fredericksburg, TX  5th  RECAP
Dirt Riot Mountain Series Rd 3 –  Cortez, CO  2nd  RECAP
Dirt Riot National Rampage  8th  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Central Round 1 2015- Fredericksburg, TX  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Central Round 2 2015- Hidden Falls, TX  2nd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Central Round 3 2015- Mill Creek, OK  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Midstates/Southeast 2015- Sturgis, KY  2nd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Mountain Round 1 2015- Moab, UT  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot National Rampage 2015- Bridgeport, TX 1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Central Round 2 2016- Mill Creek, OK  1st  RECAP


Year Began Competing: Started competing in off road racing in 2009 

Highest Accomplishments: Had multiple podium finished (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in the DirtRiot series. 14th place finisher at 2013 KOH Had podium finishes (2nd and 3rd) in ultra 4 series

Prior Accomplishments: DirtRiot Moab –1st Dirtriot sturgis –3rd DirtRiot Cortez -2nd Ultra4 sturgis-3rd DirtRiot national points-2nd overall Ultra 4 national championship Reno,NV-7th overall

Anticipated 2015 Schedule of Races: A number of DirtRiot and ultra 4 scheduled races


More Information About Team: