George Zoros W.E. Rock Unlimited Class

Submitted by on Feb 18, 2017

Team Name: Misfit Rocksports

Driver Name:  George Zoros

Spotter Name: Trevor Ritch

Car Number:  72

City, State: Quemado, New Mexico




Facebook Page: Crawlorado

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @crawlorado        Instagram #:


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Series  Event  Finish
WE Rock 2016 West Series Round 2 – Cedar City, UT 4th
WE Rock 2016 West Series Round 3 – Donner, CA 6th
WE Rock 2016 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM 3rd
WE Rock 2017 West Round 1 – Congress, AZ 3rd
WE Rock 2017 West Round 3 – Congress, AZ 7th
WE Rock 2017 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM 6th
WE Rock 2018 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM 8th
WE Rock 2020 Eastern Round 1 – Mason, TX 6th
WE Rock 2020 West Round 1 – Bagdad, AZ 8th
WE Rock 2020 Grand Nationals – Cedar City, UT 11th


Year Began Competing:  We began competing in 2016 

Highest Accomplishments: best finish was 3rd at the Grand Nationals in Farmington, NM.

Prior Accomplishments:  George has a background in circle track racing and Trevor has competed in Dirt Riot

Anticipated 2017 Schedule of Events:  We plan to compete in all of the 2017 WeRock Sportsman events as well as the Old School Rock Crawl & Supercrawl


More Information About Team: