Josh Jordan W.E. Rock Unlimited Class

Submitted by on Mar 21, 2014

Team Name: Nor’Easter Rock RacingJosh Jordan

Driver Name: Josh Jordan

Spotter Name: Joe Pierce

Car Number: 401

City, State: Charlestown, Rhode Island




Series  Event  Finish
 W.E. Rock  Eastern Series #2 – Attica, IN 2nd
 W.E. Rock  Eastern Series #3 – Dayton, TN 2nd
 W.E. Rock  Eastern Series Round 1 2015- Tremont, PA  3rd


Marketing Partners: Josh Jordan
Beaches & Backroads Realty
J.N. Jordan Plumbing & Mechanical
Lovell Engineering
Howe Steering

Year Began Competing: Josh began racing in 2013

Highest Accomplishments: Josh highest accomplishment is taking first in Dayton, TN

Prior Accomplishments: Josh took the Eastern Unlimited champion in 2013

Anticipated 2017 Schedule of Events: