Joshua Crowe W.E. Rock Pro Modified Class

Submitted by on Mar 6, 2014

Team Name: Crowe MotorsportsJoshua Crowe

Driver Name: Joshua Crowe

Spotter Name: Scott Angell

Car Number: 30

City, State: High Ridge, MO


Company: Crowe Motorsports


Facebook Page:

YouTube Channel:

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Marketing Partners: Joshua Crowe
Maxxis Tires
Sway Away
MT Schiele
Napa Auto Parts of High Ridge, MO
Howe Performance
Trail Ready
Miller Welders
Mittler Brothers

Year Began Competing: In 2007 Joshua Crowe had his first event and moved on to having his first full season in 2008. Then to start everything he had his first W.E. Rock Events in 2010.

Highest Accomplishments: Joshua has made many accomplishments through out his driving career so far and those are taking many event podiums in RRock and W.E. Rock and several season podiums. Not only did he just podium he even has taken two RRock Sportsman Awards.

Prior Accomplishments: Along with his highest accomplishments, in 2013 Joshua to multiple second place finishes.

Anticipated 2015 Schedule of Races:

In 2015, Josh has retired from competition.  Look for his car out at multiple events.

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