Justin Keilman W.E. Rock Unlimited Class

Submitted by on May 15, 2014

Team Name: 360 Racing

Driver Name: Justin Keilman

Spotter Name: 

Car Number: 360

City, State: Phoenix, Arizona


Company: Blue Water Furnishings, LLC

Website: www.bluewaterfurnishings.com

Facebook Page: Justin Keilman

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @360racing          Instagram #:


Marketing Partners:

Blue Water Furnishings
Fly-N-Hi Total Performance Centers
Branik Motorsports
JM Rigging
TMR Customs
Lumberyard Brewing Company
Howe Steering
Trail Ready
Imagine Injection
Fox Racing Shox
Beaver Stripes
BFGoodrich Tires
Pathmaker Productions







Series  Event  Finish
W.E. Rock  2014 Western Series Round 1 – Congress, AZ 7th
W.E. Rock  2014 Western Series Round 2 – Rangely, CO  7th
W.E. Rock 2014 Grand Nationals – Cedar City, UT  5th
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2015-Congress, AZ 1st
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 2 2015- Rangely, CO  5th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 3 2015- Goldendale, WA  4th
 W.E. Rock  Grand Nationals 2015- Mason, TX  1st
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 1 2016- Congress, AZ  8th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 2 2016- Cedar City, UT  5th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 3 2016- Donner, CA  5th
 W.E. Rock 2016 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM  5th
 W.E. Rock West Round 1 2017 – Congress, AZ  2nd
 W.E. Rock  Grand Nationals 2017 – Farmington, NM  3rd
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2018 – Bagdad, AZ  7th
 W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2020 – Bagdad, AZ 2nd
 W.E. Rock Grand Nationals 2020 – Cedar City, UT 13th


Year Began Competing: 2012 in Sportsman class

Highest Accomplishments: Unlimited Class National Champion 2015

Previous Accomplishments: Started in 2012 in sportsman class and in 2015 became the unlimited national champion. in 2016 we won the first trail hero W.E.ROCK event.

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