Kevin Rants Dirt Riot Pro 4500 Mod Class

Submitted by on Mar 23, 2014

RantsTeam Name: Muddnutt Racing

Driver Name: Kevin Rants

Co-Driver Name: Andrew Anderson

Car Number: 4531

City, State: Aztec, New Mexico


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Series  Event  Finish  CLICK FOR
 Dirt Riot  Southwest Round #1 – 4500 Class  2nd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot Mountain/Southwest 2015- Grand Junction, CO  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot National Rampage 2015- Bridgeport, TX 3rd  RECAP


Marketing Partners:
Shawn Rants
Falken Tire

Year Began Competing:  The Rants family started racing in the 2012 at the KOH EMC and finished 8th in class.

Highest Accomplishments:Dirt Riot 4500 National champion 

Prior Accomplishments: Shawn raced the 2013 KOH and finished 5th and in Glen Helen he finished 1st. In Dirt Riot he finished top 3 in Moab UT, Cedar city UT and Colorado Springs. He also finished 2nd in national points in Dirt Riot and Ultra 4. Kevin took the main seat in 2014 and finished as the Dirt Riot 4500 National Champion

Anticipated 2015 Schedule of Races:

Dirt riot Mountain series Ultra 4 West series


We enjoy racing in the off-road community from the family garage built racer to the fun times at the races with all the other competitors.