Steve Nantz W.E. Rock Unlimited Class

Submitted by on Mar 21, 2014

Team Name: Moab 4×4 Outpost

Driver Name: Steve Nantz

Spotter Name: Jim Horne

Car Number: 54

City, State: Hurricane, UT


Company: Moab 4×4 Outpost


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Series  Event  Finish
 W.E. Rock  Western Round #1 – Congress, AZ 4th
 W.E. Rock  Western Round #2 – Rangely, CO 8th
 W.E. Rock  Western Round #3 – Goldendale, WA 7th
 W.E. Rock Grand Nationals 2014 – Cedar City, UT 9th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 1 2015- Congress, AZ  4th
 W.E. Rock  Western Series Round 2 2015- Rangely, CO  7th
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2016- Congress, AZ 7th
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 3 2016- Donner, CA 7th
W.E. Rock 2016 Grand Nationals – Farmington, NM 8th
W.E. Rock Grand Nationals 2017 – Farmington, NM 2nd
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 1 2018 – Bagdad, AZ 5th
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 2 2018 – Hurricane, UT 5th
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 3 2018 – Norden, CA 2nd
W.E. Rock Western Series Round 4 2018 – Goldendale, WA 5th
W.E. Rock Grand Nationals 2018 – Farmington, NM 8th


Marketing Partners: 
Moab 4×4 Outpost
Outlaw Jeep Rentals
Axel Offroad

Year Began Competing: Steve began competing in 1998 at the first rock crawling champion contest in Las Cruces

Highest Accomplishments: Steve’s highest accomplishments was taking 6th for the series.

Prior Accomplishments:

Anticipated 2017 Schedule of Events:

Steve and Jim have been wheeling for close to 19 years each. We both have a love and passion for offroading. Steve started Moab 4×4 Outpost in 2004 after working in the industry for ten years at various shops. Jim moved to Moab and started Outlaw Jeep Tours in 2009 with two jeeps and since then has built his fleet to seven jeeps and a RZR. Steve and Jim are on the trails as much as possible because it is our way to have fun and challenge ourselves against our environment.  In 2016, Jim sold Outlaw Jeep Tours and has since moved to the St. George area, opening Sand Hollow Offroad soon.