Marc Davis Dirt Riot SuperMod Class

Submitted by on Jan 13, 2016

Team Name: FGS RacingMarc Davis

Driver Name: Marc Davis

Co-Driver Name:   Aaron Ward

Car Number: 32

City, State: Disney, Oklahoma




Facebook Page: Davis rig

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @:          Instagram #:


Marketing Partners:
Green County Offroad
See You on the Trail




Series  Event  Finish  CLICK FOR
 Dirt Riot Central Round 1 2016- Fredericksburg, TX  5th  RECAP


Year Began Competing: Began competing in 2014

Highest Accomplishments: 4th place in a race and 3rd place in Central Series

Prior Accomplishments:

Anticipated 2016 Schedule of Races: Rally in the Valley, full Dirt Riot Central Series


More Information About Team: