Mitch Funk Dirt Riot Pro 4500 Mod Class

Submitted by on Mar 20, 2014

Team Name: Funk-N-Fast RacingMitch Funk

Driver Name: Mitch Funk

Co-Driver Name: John Rants

Car Number: 4515

City, State: Altamont, UT


Facebook Page: Funk-N-Fast Offroad

YouTube Channel:

Instagram @:          Instagram #:


Series  Event  Finish  CLICK FOR
Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 1 – Moab, UT  2nd  RECAP
Dirt Riot Mountain Series Round 3 – Cortez, CO  2nd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Southwest Round 1 2015- Congress, AZ  3rd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Southwest Round 2 2015- Tuscon, AZ  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot Central Round 3 2015- Mill Creek, OK  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot  Mountain Round 2 2015- Agate, CO  1st  RECAP
 Dirt Riot Mountain/Southwest 2015- Grand Junction, CO  3rd  RECAP
 Dirt Riot National Rampage 2015- Bridgeport, TX 1st  RECAP


Marketing Partners: Mitch Funk
The Perforators LLC
Funk-N-Fast Offroad
Extreme Wireline Trucks & Equipment
TR Beadlocks
Advance Adapters
Rock-Slide Engineering

Year Began Competing: Mitch began competing at the Every Man Challenge in 2012 taking 2nd place

Highest Accomplishments: Mitch’s highest accomplishments are taking 1st in the Dirt Riot, and took 2nd in the American Rocksport Challenge, 2013 Mountain Series Champions.

Prior Accomplishments: 2013: Mitch took 2nd in the Moab, UT Dirt Riot, 2nd place in Cortez, CO Dirt Riot and 3rd in the American Rocksport Challenge. He also accomplished being the Dirt Riot Mountain Series Champion.

Anticipated 2015 Schedule of Races:

EMC, Dirt Riot Southwest Series, Dirt Riot Mountain Series